Bryan Lucay


Bryan Lucay, President/CEO has over 25 years experience in the construction industry. Prior to establishing GroundWorks, Inc. in 2002 Bryan has 17 years of combined employment with Shea Homes & Brookfield Homes in the Bay Area. Bryan started his currier in 1986 remodeling homes leading into the building industry working his way up through the ranks. Bryan’s experience as a home builder includes Customer Service, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, Project Manager, Offsite Manager, Purchasing, and Project budgeting. Bryan leads GroundWorks, Inc. with the expertise and experience to meet the demands of today’s Home Builder ensuring the proper direction of continued growth. Holding certificates of training in decorative concrete & interlocking pavers Bryan personally conducts R&D analysis of all new products to ensure that GroundWorks services exceed the client’s expectations for beauty and durability. Bryan’s personal involvement in projects helps customers and builders value engineer product and stream line efficiencies throughout the job.




Michele Lucay


Michele Lucay, CFO/Secretaryhas 18 years of experience in the management and financial aspects within the construction industry.  Having managed the accounting and human resource divisions of a central valley construction company for 10 years, she brings her broad knowledge to GroundWorks, Inc.  Sharing ownership of GroundWorks, Inc. with both Bryan Lucay and Eulalio Sanchez for the past 8 years, she places her stamp of efficiency within the accounting, human resource, vendor and builder relations ensuring continued growth of the business. 







Dana Guenette


Dana Guenette, Accountant has over 18 years of experience in the field.  She holds a Bachelor of Science and Business Administration Accounting degree.  She operates as the in-house accountant ensuring accuracy of all financials.  Dana works diligently to maintain a solid rapport between GroundWorks, Inc. and the CPA.  In addition, Dana performs all insurance carrier audits and completes all monthly reporting as deemed necessary.









Alicia Rivera


Alicia Rivera, Office Administrator/Scheduler brings an array of attributes to the daily operations of GroundWorks, Inc.  Not only does she operate as the administrator of the office, but she coordinates the demands of our customers with the schedules of our field personnel on a daily basis ensuring our customers’ needs are met.  Alicia’s vast knowledge of the landscape and concrete industry make it easy for her to assist Bryan with estimating and the placement of all material orders.








Lalo Sanchez


Eulalio Sanchez (Lalo), Operations Manager has 23 years of experience in the concrete industry.  Lalo is not only part owner, but a talented and valuable member of the management team.  He works closely with Bryan in estimating new work and maintaining existing work.  His creativity and knowledge of the concrete trade enhance the R&D processes that GroundWorks, Inc. performs prior to offering new services to clients.  Lalo assists in bridging the field operations with the flow of business.









Tim Schultz


Tim Schultz, Estimator
Has over 12 years experience as both a residential and commercial estimator. He currently operates as our in house estimator. Tim works diligently on gathering all the necessary counts and pricing required to issue bids to our customers ensuring the best pricing possible. In addition, Tim works closely with Bryan in providing pricing for any changes that take place with an existing job









Jamie Salmon


Jamie Salmon, accounts receivable administrator
Has over 17 years experience in the accounting industry. Jamie has developed an amazing repore with both our clients and suppliers. Aside from invoicing she manages all lien releases, setup of job contracts and ensures receipts from clients are not carried out more than 30 days.













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The 18' long table, benches, and door to cellar are some of the hand crafted products produced by Groundwork's Inc.
This is a custom solid concrete couch built on a radius to fit the design of the patio.
Only your imagination is your limit to what GroundWork's can build for you.



“I love working with GroundWork’s, I never have to worry about the finish product because Bryan and his team will always go above and beyond. I have recommended them to others in the industry because the GroundWork’s team takes a lot of pride in what they do.”

-Ellen Lehman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Brookfield Homes

“Bryan has surprised me twice. Once when he committed to a completion date on the models and still needed to pour flatwork, landscape and build a park. This was all done in ankle deep mud and with heavy rain in the forecast. The work was completed on time. The second time was when we had some extra work to be done and asked if he was interested and he said no, he didn’t have the guys to do it at that time. The honesty is appreciated. Honest and hard working what more can you ask for?”

-Jason Obermeyer, Project Manager, Shea Homes

“I value GroundWork’s as a trade partner because of the commitment by the management team to safety, the attitude towards safety by their employees in the field, and their outstanding quality of work.”

-Ed Calderon, Safety Manager, Shea Homes